1st, 2nd & 3rd-year Slovak

10 Week Hybrid Program in Pittsburgh + Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Announcement: The Slovak Pitt+abroad program is not currently accepting applications for the 2021 program due to travel restrictions in place in connection with the COVID-19 mitigation effort and uncertainty surrounding the date when Pitt's study abroad programs will resume. This page will be updated should circumstances allow SLI to run its abroad program in Bratislava. Students interested in studying Slovak in the summer are encouraged to apply to SLI's 6-week domestic program in Pittsburgh or online.

Students may combine 6 weeks of Slovak language study at the University of Pittsburgh with a 4 week abroad component held in at the beautiful, welcoming capital city of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava. While in Pittsburgh students attend supplemental films, lectures, and other activities centering on Slovak food, art, and culture. While in Bratislava, students continue their intensive language learning and also engage in an extensive excursion program to points of interest in Bratislava and its surroundings.

N/A - not currently accepting applications
Academic Credit: 
10 credits
Available to undergraduate and graduate Pitt & non-Pitt students, working professionals, and retirees
Cultural Programs: 

SLI domestic programs include a robust program of cultural activities centering around food, music, art, film, and movement culture of the SLI language regions. While in Bratislava, students participate in an extensive excursion program to points of interest in the city and surrounding areas..


Pittsburgh, PA and Bratislava, Slovak Republic


While in Pittsburgh, students may select to live in the dormitories (approx. $33/night) or locate an apartment to sublet. Students are responsible for the cost of housing in Pittsburgh. In Bratislava, students will live in university dorms.

Note: The price of housing abroad is included in the program cost.

Funding Opportunity: 

N/A - not currently accepting applications

Program Fee: 

N/A - not currently accepting applications