Domestic and Hybrid Programs - Ukrainian

1st-year Ukrainian

6 weeks in Pittsburgh

Announcement: SLI has cancelled its Ukrainian program for summer 2020 in connection with logistical challenged caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ukrainian will be back for SLI 2021.

SLI's programs are moving online for the summer 2020! Learn more about our plans for "Virtual SLI" here:

1st-year Ukrainian classes taught at the SLI provide the equivalent of an academic year's worth of study. Classes meet online via video-conference Monday - Friday from 11am to 4:30pm EST. In addition to intensive language classes, students attend Ukrainian films, lectures, and other activities centering on Ukrainian art, food, and culture.


Post-SLI Internship Opportunity for 6-Week Ukrainian Students
CANCELED - Unfortunately, the inaugural year of the Ukrainian internship program will be delayed until 2021 as a result of the delayed start date to SLI's courses in Pittsburgh in connection with the COVID-19 mitigation effort.
SLI is pleased to announce that during the summer of 2020, we are partnering with the Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland, Ohio to offer a limited number of internships to SLI-Ukrainian students. Students who apply and are accepted to the internship would work at the museum-archives on a project that makes direct use of their newly-acquired knowledge of Ukrainian. Students would also have the opportunity to use the vast resources of the archives to complete a research project related to their academic or career interests. This internship must be taken for academic credit and would commence immediately after the completion of the 6-week beginning Ukrainian course in Pittsburgh. The number of credits taken and the duration of the internship would be negotiated between the applicant, SLI, and the director and curator at the museum-archives. Interested students should contact SLI Managing Director, Kathleen Manukyan, to learn more about this unique opportunity.

6 weeks: June 29 - August 7, 2020
Academic Credit: 
6 Credits
Equivalent to one academic year of study
Available to undergraduate and graduate Pitt & non-Pitt students, working professionals, and retirees
Cultural Programs: 

SLI domestic programs include a robust program of cultural activities centering around food, music, art, film, and movement culture of the SLI language regions.




SLI is moving online for summer 2020 and will not be arranging accommodations for participants this year.

Funding Opportunity: 

Summer Language Institute Scholarships:
$1,000 to a maximum award of $5,000

All are eligible

Complete the SLI Scholarship Questionnaire on the application and include a letter of recommendation from a professor or professional supervisor with your application.

Though the "priority deadline" for scholarships has passed, many SLI language programs still have scholarship funds available. Students may continue to apply for admission and SLI scholarships until mid-May or until scholarship funds are depleted. Applicants interested in scholarship funding are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Program Fee: 

$4,656 + university fees (approx. $260)

Note: Cost does not include accommodations or meals. Applicants who are not currently enrolled at Pitt will have to pay a additional $45 fee after acceptance but before enrolling in order to get set up with a student account.