Students who will be enrolled in programs held at the University of Pittsburgh are responsible for organizing their own housing.  Students typically select:

  • University of Pittsburgh dormitory
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Summer sublet in Pittsburgh
  • Commute from home (if you live nearby)


University of Pittsburgh dormitory

  • Ruskin Hall:  The university will be offering summer housing to enrolled students at Ruskin Hall for the summer of 2021. Ruskin Hall offers apartment-style accommodations on campus (see link) and will cost $35-$45 per night, depending on the room type. Students interested in living in Ruskin Hall should request an application for summer housing from Panther Central by telephone at 412-648-1100 after enrolling for their program. Please note that you must first be enrolled in order to sign up for housing at Ruskin Hall. After requesting the application, you will apply via your student account at my.pitt.edu.


Hotel accommodation

  • Residence Inn by Marriott:  SLI has reserved a block of rooms at the Residence Inn by Marriott Oakland/University Place (see link) at a special rate of $40 per night for double occupancy accommodation with another SLI student and $69 per night for a single occupancy hotel room. Instructions for calling to reserve a room in our block at the Residence Inn are included in the housing information sent by email to SLI students. Please keep in mind that the Residence Inn has set a reservation deadline of May 7 for SLI's block of rooms. After May 7, it may be possible to reserve a room at our rate, but is not guaranteed.


Locating a summer rental in Pittsburgh
Neighborhoods close to the University include North Oakland, South Oakland, Bloomfield, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, and Friendship.  Highland Park, Morningside, Regent Square, and Lawrenceville are also good options, but slightly further away.  Remember: city buses are free with your Pitt Student ID!



Commuting from home is a great option for those who live nearby.  Please remember: classes begin at 9am and run until 3pm.  You will need substantial time in the late afternoon to do homework and study, so please try to avoid spending hours commuting!



Students living in dorms or commuting to campus can get a parking pass for $25/week for a minimum of 5 weeks. Visit University of Pittsburgh Parking Office at 127 North Bellefield Ave. to obtain a parking pass. Tel. 412-624-4034.


Meals Plans

The University of Pittsburgh will be offering meal plans this summer. Purchase of a meal plan is not required to live on campus, as the summer dormitory of Ruskin Hall is equipped with kitchens. To inquire about a meal plan, call Panther Central at 412-648-1100. Keep in mind that there are numerous eateries close to campus and you will be able to find places to eat near to campus if you prefer not to limit your choices to the university cafeteria.


Housing FAQs

1. What’s cheaper: the dorms or a summer sublet apartment?
Definitely the summer sublet apartment, which is the most popular option among SLI students. The dormitories offer the convenience of furniture, no need to haggle with landlords, and the guarantee of everything working, but that comes with a price.

2. If I found a place online, but don’t know whether the neighborhood is safe. What should I do?
Get in touch with us! We’re happy to let you know whether we think you’ll be in a good spot. We want to be sure you’ll be in a safe, well-located spot so you can focus on your studies.