• Will I receive college credit for the classes I take at SLI?
    Yes, on the Program Page you will see how many college credits are rewarded for completing each distinct program.
  • How do I transfer my Pitt SLI credits to my home institution?
    Easy!  Contact the Pitt Registrar’s Office Transcripts Department and follow the instructions. 
  • Will my home institution accept Pitt credits earned at SLI toward my major or for my GPA?
    This is a question you need to ask at your home institution.  Speak with the chair of your academic program and/or your school’s registrar.
  • I have a schedule conflict.  May I arrive to the program late or leave it early?
    Generally speaking, no.  Students are expected to be present for all classes and program-related events.  Exceptions may be made on an individual basis; to discuss your situation, contact SLI Executive Director, Kathleen Manukyan (manukyan1@pitt.edu).
  • How competitive is the admission process?
    As long as the program is not at full capacity, applicants with active student status (in good standing) or prior successful study at the university level can expect to be admitted.  High school applicants must receive permission to register through our College in High School Office. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be considered. Abroad programs require a minimum GPA of 2.75 per the Pitt Study Abroad Office's policy.
  • Can I audit or take classes pass/fail?
    SLI does not allow audits and all courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Approximately how many students are in each class?
    Many classes are exceptionally small (3-5 students), and others, like Beginning and Intermediate Russian can have up to 12 or so students. 
  • How much homework will I need to do?
    Given the intensive nature of the SLI and the need to complete up to a year’s worth of college-level instruction in as few as 6 weeks, you should expect to have a significant amount of homework.  Although you’ll be in class only until 3pm, most students find that they need to dedicate the greater part of their evenings to homework and studying.  Students are encouraged to form study groups, which can be a fun way to study and quiz one another.
  • Who attends SLI?
    SLI welcomes students of all sorts.  The majority of our students are undergraduate and graduate students, but there are always also students pursuing languages for personal and professional reasons.  If you have been out of school for five or more years, please contact SLI Managing Director, Kathleen Manukyan (manukyan1@pitt.edu) to discuss transcript and letter of recommendation requirements.
  • Can high school students apply?
    Yes, SLI can accommodate high school students in some cases, if they demonstrate the requisite maturity to succeed in an intensive college-level course. High school applicants must apply and be accepted to both SLI and the University of Pittsburgh's Accelerated High School program. Due to processing time at the Accelerated High School office, the deadline for high school applicants to SLI is April 1. High School applicants typically must be 16 years old to participate in SLI.
  • Do I have to live in campus housing?
    You may elect to live in a campus dormitory, but you are not limited to this option.  Many students find sublets to be a more affordable option.  Please see the Housing page for more information.
  • Am I able to work while attending SLI?
    SLI strongly discourages students from working during the program. The intensive nature of the program and significant out-of-class time that is necessary for studying and homework makes it quite difficult for students to manage both the program and work.
  • Does SLI accept foreign students?
    If foreign students already have a visa to study in the US and are currently enrolled at a US institution of higher education, it is likely possible to have the visa transferred to the University of Pittsburgh for the duration of the SLI program. Unfortunately, the SLI cannot accomodate foreign students who do not already have a visa.